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Yacht painters in Mallorca

yacht painters in mallorca

At Refit Mallorca, we provide premier services for painting, repainting, and antifouling for boats and yachts in Mallorca. With a specialized team of experts, we bring your ideas to life, ensuring that your vessel is visually stunning and performs at its best. We take pride in offering our services at all ports on the island

Our painters will paint your yacht or boat like new

Boat Hull & Topside Painting

Let us give the perfect finish to your boat exterior

Has your boat lost its charm? Let us refit your boat hull or topside to its former glory with our top-class painting and spraying services. Working with some of the world’s best marine paint brands, our teams of fully qualified painters specialists offer a high level of expertise and service. We can get the work done to the highest, most professional standards. We can fully repaint and refinish your yacht exterior or interior to provide a perfect finish.

Professional Boat Painting in Stages

exterior yacht painting mallorca

We will prepare, paint and finish your vessel according to the manufacturer’s specifications and beyond, to deliver a perfect finish. Every boat painting and detailing technician is trained to our exacting standards at every stage.

1. Preparation 

If the coating is intact, and you want just to renew it, then you do not need to remove the layer. It is enough to treat the hull to achieve better adhesion of old and new paint.

2. Crack Removing and Priming

Repair cracks and damage to return the surface to its original condition. After repair, cleaning and degreasing, it is necessary to cover the surface with a primer. The primer coat will provide excellent adhesion of the substrate and the paint, as well as cutting the access to the water.

3. Painting

Selection of the color and application of the best marine paint for boats. Since the top layer is a buffer between the environment and the prepared surface, the painting process must be taken very carefully.

4. Gloss and Extra Protection

Moreover, in addition to marine paint for boats, the vessel is also varnished. The varnish can be glossy or transparent. Yacht varnish is necessary to protect the ship from corrosion and give it a brilliant look.

4. Finishing

Applying finishing techniques to smooth and give the painting the desired professional finish. The best paint finishes look stunning when professionally applied.

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 Nautical Painters – Painting Services – Mallorca

Although the coating materials may vary (alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, etc.), the requirements for them remain the same. The paint for yachts must have high abrasion resistance, mechanical, biological, chemical irritants, and create a memorable appearance as a result.

Whatever the composition of your boat or yacht, we will advise you on the best paint system available to return it to its original condition, even if the hull has been corroded, scratched or simply discolored by UV rays.
If the color has faded a little, then a range of abrasive polishes will usually return the finish to a rich, long-lasting shine. If only a color change is desired, then there is a wide range of paint systems available to do a first class job.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our expert painters.

Expert Antifouling Services

The Importance of Antifouling

Antifouling is an indispensable part of boat and yacht maintenance, especially in the challenging marine environment of Mallorca. It serves to protect your vessel from the harmful effects of biofouling – the accumulation of marine organisms like algae, barnacles, and mollusks on the hull. This not only hampers the aesthetics of your yacht but also affects its performance and fuel efficiency.

Our Antifouling Services

We offer a comprehensive range of antifouling services tailored to your specific needs. Our team of skilled professionals meticulously prepares the hull, applying antifouling coatings to ensure long-lasting protection. We understand that every boat and yacht is unique, and we select the most suitable antifouling products for each vessel, taking into account factors such as the type of water, cruising speed, and materials used.

Environmental Responsibility

In our pursuit of excellence, we also place a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. We employ environmentally friendly antifouling solutions that keep your vessel protected without compromising the beauty of the Mallorcan seas.

Elevate Your Boat’s Beauty and Protection with Our Specialized Services.

High-quality boat professional spray painting 

boat painter mallorca

We carry out our paint spraying work using only high-quality paints to transform the topsides, super structures, hull of your yacht and antifouling.


Expert yacht and boat painters 

For your peace of mind, we only deploy expert profesional yacht painters in Mallorca to work on your project. When you choose us for painting or spraying, you can rest assured that our experience and dedication will shine through, ensuring a high quality, professional result. We also paint boats and yachts interiores at affordable prices.

We offer our yacht painting services in all ports of Mallorca.

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Palma de Mallorca, Port Adriano, Alcudia, Puerto Portals, Arenal, Cala Ratjada, Santa Ponça, Andratx, Calanova, Ca’n Picafort, Pollença, Porto Colom, S´Estanyol, La Rápita, Molinar, Portixol, Cala D´Or, Soller, Palma Nova, Porto Cristo, Cala Gamba, Colonia San Jordi, Porto Petro, Sant Antoni, Colònia de Sant Pere,…

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Only using the best quality paints and products from the world’s leading manufacturers:

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